Fiscal Sustainability

Highland Fest

Sustain Ward 3 believes that for the City of St. Paul to move forward on a solid footing decisions made must be fiscally sustainable. This is a core principle of Sustain Ward 3 and one which with we take a holistic view.   Fiscal Sustainability includes: Ensuring that the citizens of Ward 3 (whether homeowners,…

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Environmental Sustainability

Sustain Ward 3 believes that our home in Saint Paul should aspire to be and is fully capable of becoming environmentally sustainable.   An environmentally sustainable community is one that respects the natural space in which it was built, a community that respects the natural features that shaped its growth and history. It’s a place…

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Community Sustainability

In order for our home to be the best it can be Sustain Ward 3 believes that we as neighbors need to cultivate Community Sustainability. A sustainable community is one that finds strength in the changes that come with time. Demographics change, new neighbors arrive, financial fortunes rise and fall, even the environment we live in shifts in…

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