Fiscal Sustainability

Sustain Ward 3 believes that for the City of St. Paul to move forward on a solid footing decisions made must be fiscally sustainable. This is a core principle of Sustain Ward 3 and one which with we take a holistic view.


Fiscal Sustainability includes:

  • Ensuring that the citizens of Ward 3 (whether homeowners, who pay for services directly through property taxes, or renters, who pay indirectly through increased rents) are not burdened with increased taxes to pay for inefficient development or developer requests,
  • Ensuring that changes which take place in Ward 3 lead to economic growth and
  • Ensuring that we, as current taxpayers in the Ward, do not burden those who will come after us with unsustainable infrastructure and development.
    This is why Sustain Ward 3 believes that any discussion regarding development needs to take into account the potential tax revenue vs. infrastructure costs of a development, the potential use of tax increment financing (TIF), and how any development impacts the financial health of our businesses.

A Note On TIF and the Ford Site

Sustain Ward 3 opposes the use of TIF to attract developers to the Ford Site. We believe the Ford Site is highly desirable, so the use of TIF as an incentive is unnecessary and fiscally unsustainable. We welcome working with other organizations within the City of St. Paul to come up with solutions that do not involve TIF but still promote a sustainable vision for the development of the Ford Site. We encourage Ward 3 residents to contact City Council member Chris Tolbert to oppose TIF.

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