What’s a Ward?

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St Paul is divided into seven different geographic areas known as Wards.

Each Ward elects a single representative to the St Paul City Council. The City Council is responsible for the city budget as well as setting city policy by creating ordinances (actual municipal law governing the behavior or property use and provides a penalty if violated) and resolutions (administrative, temporary or routine actions)1. The City Council also acts an oversight committee for all other City of St Paul agencies.

Ward 3 is comprised of the neighborhoods of Highland Park and most of Macalaster-Groveland (Mac-Grove, Mac-Groveland) in the southwest corner of St Paul.

Sustain Ward 3 is determined to support actions and decision that ensures Ward 3’s communities are sustainable into the future. We believe that will only be possible if the people in our neighborhoods embrace policies and plans that respect our environment, build strong communities through diversity and density, and promote responsible fiscal and economic growth.

The current Ward 3 City Council Member is Chris Tolbert if you need to get in contact with someone regarding Ward 3 initiatives and projects or Contact Sustain Ward 3 if you would like us to get something to Chris’s attention.

1 The Handbook of Minnesota Cities