Ford Site: A 21st Century Vision in Sustainability for Ward 3

Sustain Ward 3 strongly supports the city’s current plan for the Ford Site. We believe that a strong mix of residential, retail, and small business are imperative to the continuing health of Ward 3.

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This plan lends itself to the needs and wants of a growing neighborhood. As our elders age we hope to offer them the opportunity to sensibly downsize to accommodate their changing life style. In the same turn we hope that same housing creates a great space for younger residents to live, work, play, and grow right here in Ward 3. Furthermore the plan creates space for work to get done right here in the neighborhood.

Commercial locations made available on the Ford Site will serve our citizens and create opportunities for us earn our livelihoods and to handle more daily errands conveniently close to home. The green space and the water feature connecting to Hidden Falls are not only show pieces and frills, they’re workhorses. The channel running through the middle of the site brings a long dormant creek back into the sunlight and also helps clean runoff water from the site, a two for one deal. Beyond that the numerous park space will provide an area for our friends and neighbors to unwind and exercise right where they live.

We are proud to support their plan.

View the current proposal here: Ford Site Plan