Letter and Comments Talking Points for Ford Site

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With public comment opportunities coming up such as the Ward 3 Town Hall , City Council Public Hearing,and the opening of the  City of Saint Paul Public Comment portal Sustain Ward 3 wanted to put together a list of talking points for letters, comments and submissions so that we can share our support for the Ford Site Zoning and Master Realm. This list is separated out into specific touch points in the plan.

Equity Considerations

  • Housing options in desirable area for an ever increasing Saint Paul population
  • Spread the responsibility of housing expansion across Saint Paul
  • Create age in place opportunities for members of the community
  • More units and higher density means less TIF (Tax Increment Financing) and financial support from the City of Saint Paul at large

According to the Met Council 2016 Forecast the Twin Cities region will gain nearly 900k residents over the next 30 years bringing the region’s population to 3,738,000 by 2040.

What does this mean? We need housing and we need jobs. The Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Plan is provides a road map to provide between 2,400 to 4,000 (max) places to live for an expanding population. Saint Paul needs to develop the Ford Site into a multi-use community with housing and employment opportunities for all its future and current residents. In the Ford Site, Ward 3 Saint Paul has a unique opportunity to be a community that propels Saint Paul forward.

Environmental Considerations

  • Storm water runoff control
  • Raising hidden creek
  • Connects existing neighborhoods to river
  • Public spaces, green space and access to the river (~ 736 acres of park space)
    • Preserves and enhances existing spaces as well as complementing them
  • Emphasis on mass transit, biking and pedestrian traffic resulting in less pollution

Saint Paul has committed to a more sustainable future because we have to. At a crucial point in time where regulations are being rolled back and climate change is advancing at a much more rapid pace than anticipated, it’s important for urban cores to do what they can to mitigate our impact on the environment around us.

The Ford Site plan takes special consideration when it comes to the environment- both in its protection and enhancement.

Community Considerations

  • Opportunities for new neighbors and expansion of Highland’s existing community
  • Fits into existing heights and neighborhood aesthetics
  • Brings new amenities to area including additional parks, green and public spaces as well as retail shopping and dining
  • Connects previously isolated neighborhoods and builds an inclusive community

Ward 3 is home to two historic and vibrant neighborhoods- Mac-Groveland and Highland Park. For nearly a century the Ford Plant has been a dominant feature in this area of Saint Paul. The Ford Plan honors the character of these neighborhoods that will serve thousands of people who will make it their home and workplace. The zoning laid out in the plan integrates higher buildings with existing structures and grades downward in height as the site approaches the river. The new homes, jobs, and amenities will be a fitting new addition to the history and character of these Saint Paul neighborhoods.

Fiscal & Economic Considerations

  • Tax base increases
  • Retail, industrial expansion in the area
  • Increased workforce population


Please feel free to use any of these points as well as your own to craft a message of support