City Council Votes Yes on Ford Site – Press Release

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Sustain Ward 3 Press Release

Council Votes Yes On Ford Site Plan

Today the Saint Paul City Council voted 5-2 to approve the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan which rezones the former industrial site into an opportunity for future generations of Saint Paul residents to work, live, and play. Sustain Ward 3 would like to thank the countless volunteers and City of Saint Paul staff who worked diligently on crafting this plan out of the countless hours of study and community engagement over the last decade.

We’d like to specifically thank Council Member Chris Tolbert for his leadership, patience and guidance through this process. Sustain Ward 3 couldn’t be happier that at the last minute the plan now includes both Tolbert and Dai Thao’s amendments which represent a strong commitment to affordability goals at the Ford Site.

This is just the first step in a long process but by approving this zoning plan the City of Saint Paul can now participate effectively in the vision of the site. While the Ford Motor Company markets the site to developers, we as a community must work collaboratively with the city to construct design and environmental standards and financial planning and affordability goals so that when a developer does come forward, Ward 3 will have a leadership role in the development plan.

This plan has not come without cost. We have become divided. We now have an obligation to each other as present and future neighbors to move forward together. We must ensure- as a community and city – that this site is an extension of the Highland and Mac-Groveland neighborhoods where we can live, work, and play as neighbors amongst ourselves and the great Mississippi River. Our city’s future is bright but only if we work together to make it so. Sustain Ward 3 looks forward to working with all neighbors to #SayYesStPaul and build this future together.

Robert Wales

On Behalf of Sustain Ward 3