Safety On Summit Update

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Bicycle Safety is important to us at Sustain Ward 3 and when we hosted the Safety on Summittown hall last month, we found it was important to you too. On a busy week night, 82 community members showed up and made their voices heard.Big thanks to Russ Stark and Reuben Collins from the city for being there to make sure our thoughts, concerns, and questions were brought back to city hall. But of course, our biggest thanks is to you for being there, writing a letter or doing what you do to make our home a safer place.

If you missed it, our town hall wasn’t your typical community engagement meeting. We had a short, informational presentation at the beginning, but the bulk of the time was spent with the mic being passed from neighbor to neighbor. You spoke, and we listened.We’ve also been reading the notes you’ve written for us. We heard creative thoughts about how Summit should look, and we heard your concerns about your own safety when you’re navigating the neighborhood and city.

After the town hall, we’ve kept the conversation going with the city, including Council Members Noecker and Tolbert. Not only are they listening and being supportive, they’ve also taught us a few things about how the process works and how we can get the safer streets we want and need.

Next Steps
Unsurprisingly, a big part of it comes down to money and that money comes from the Mayor’s yearly budget.

Here’s our next ask: come see Mayor Carter at one of his whirlwind tour of meetings across the city about the budget. You’ll find us at a number of these meetings and we’re going to ask him to set aside money in the budget specifically dedicated to bike infrastructure. I encourage you to ask too.

Here is a list of upcoming “Our City, Our Budget” events:

  • Thursday, July 19 | 4:30-6 PM | Lake Monster Brewing

  • Thursday, July 26 | 4:30-6 PM | Spring Café (Como Park Pavilion)

  • Saturday, July 28 | 1-2:30 PM | The Goat Coffeehouse

  • Sunday, July 29 | 2-3:30 PM | Brunson’s Pub

If you can’t join us at a meeting, give Mayor Carter a shout here.