You’re as brave as dragon slayer
A warrior
Everyone seeks
Holding the weight of the world
On your back
Making an escape for others
You see
Your eyes
They’re clouded
By the lives of others
Leaving no room for your own
Quiet problems
Then your cape drapes
As you soar to save the day
Bearing the burden
And problems that are not of your own
Emotion turmoil stops you from
Happiness that is
Waiting Craving hankering
Loud laughs loosely leaving
There is no time
To waste
Broken table top shoulders
Tired of holding
The tears
The worries
The fears
Of peers
We can’t shed no tears
Because then everyone is
Scared to alleviate
The storms
That come their way
We do not fall
When tending to others
Because in this world
Filled with
We are
I am
The warrior they all need

by Lyric