Highland District Council Special Election

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On Thursday July 18 7pm, the Highland District Council will fill 2 vacant seats- an At-Large and an At-Large Alternate seat. The At-Large seat is a full-time board seat which will require an election of ALL PRESENT ELIGIBLE VOTERS which means we NEED Highland residents to show up. The election for this seat will be held first because then the board will APPOINT the At-Large Alternative seat. It should take no more than 1/2 hr for both.

Sustain Saint Paul member Tyler Blackmon will be running for the At-Large board seat during the election and will need your support.

Here is a little more about Tyler:

Tyler is a Highland resident and local advocate for affordable housing, vibrant urban living, expanded transportation choices, and local solutions to our global Climate Crisis.

As a member of a joint task force bringing together renters, homeowners, and business owners along West Seventh, Tyler conducted community outreach around the planned streetcar route along West Seventh Street and worked with city and county officials to ensure that the planned route and construction met the needs of local residents.

Tyler also serves on Saint Paul’s Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity commission, on which he has been an advocate for housing as a human right and more proactive measures to combat discrimination in Saint Paul. Tyler and his fiancé, Kevin Vargas, live on Cleveland Ave S near the southern end of the Ford Site. As young residents of Highland whose children and grandchildren will be impacted by the transportation and housing choices local leaders make for decades to come, they are heavily invested in the future livability and vibrancy of our community.

Please come out and support Tyler!

Highland District Council Board Meeting
Thursday July 18, 2019 7pm-9pm (election should be first and done by 7:30)
Highland Park Community Center
1978 Ford Pkwy
St Paul, MN 55116