Meeting Notes 11-19-19

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Attendance: Amanda W., Lauren N. Luke H. (not city Luke H.), Rob W., Liz W., Karen N. (St. Anthony Park Board), Matt P., Brandon L., Mike L. (Ward 4), Glen (Como Park), Tom B., Michelle (Summit/Hill), Rich V., Frank A. (Ward 4), Pat T., Jeff Z. 

  • Sustain Saint Paul Elections Announcement for January

Made up of members and a board that directs the general strategy of the group, currently it’s 7 members (chair, treasurer, sec.); We’re at 2 years and need to hold new elections on January 14, 2020. As such all seats and whatever we need to make room for are up for nomination and election. To be a voting member you need to come to 2 meetings in a calendar year (the board is ok with waving that so that new members can participate). 

  • By-laws change for Chair

Rob Wales proposes that we make a by-law change to split the chair position into 2 people who would co-chair the organization. Liz W. is working on the language of what that change would say “Propose to change the chair position to be (2) positions as co-chairs not to be occupied by 2 white CIS males.”

Seconded by Brandon Long

A vote will be held on the bylaw change on Jan. 14, 2020

We can still make changes to expand the board we can.

There is also a non-elected position of webmaster.

  • Safety on Streets update by Lauren Nielsen

SOS met last week, went through updates like Ayd Mill Road, Cleveland bike lanes, etc. Spent most of the meeting coming up with new ideas. Narrowed it down to a few to focus on. Summit work will continue; advocating for 25 mph or less on residential streets; research into if there are plans to finish medians between St. Clair and Randolph on Snelling; pedestrian scramble at Snelling/University.

Pat T./Karen N. would be interested in collaborating with Transpo committees at DCs in coordination with SOS.

Matt P. aim for 20 mph since he hasn’t heard anyone talk about going specifically to 25 yet. 

Rick V.: is there a timeline when Minneapolis would make change, Matt: technically the state law gave the city authority, what is the timeline for the city to make change, Matt: next few months; sign costs are already in the budget

  • Meet the B Line! w/Nate Hood – Skip, Nate couldn’t make the meeting
  • Strategy Session and Policy Poll

Planning team is setting their priority list for 2020 right now. Matt P said he can check on where that’s at. Tony Johnson is going to start presenting to DCs next week. He’ll present an array to carve out parking mins., Mitra’s office is pushing to also have an option to totally eliminate parking mins.

Housing fund, helping 250 families with rent assistance and homeowner assistance, what can we do to put pressure on the city to up the fund. 

Take a look at ADUs and micro housing

Luke H. has volunteered to work on upzoning all residential lots in the city. Frank mentioned that there will be a push at the state-wide level to advocate for more money for affordable housing.

Karen: Looking at a municipal land trust through ISAIAH. Rich Nymoen is the contact in Ward 6.

Transportation – take another look at the St. Paul bike plan to set new minimums.

Look at Dave Thune no study amendment along W. 7th, talk to Rebecca. Liz wants to look at adding more roundabouts on Thomas.

Frank, transit advantages, giving signal priorities to transit and dedicated bus lanes, etc.

Rob just said “low hanging fruit.”

Placing people in positions of influence is important to our advocacy, District Councils are a good place to interact with city staff and other leaders.

  • New Business & open discussion

Climate action plan will be voted on Dec. 18. Matt will provide an update and will send out the plan with the implementation chapter.

MetroTransit is discussing doing open houses for the E Line – route 6 bus – they are considering ending it at Westgate, which is a pretty solid transfer center. We can send out a FB/Twitter updates about writing in about the E Line.