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Downtown Saint Paul Alliance forms Downtown Improvement District

Just a couple of weeks ago, a group of property owners in downtown Saint Paul known as the Downtown Saint Paul Alliance formed the Downtown Improvement District. It’s been a long time coming, and most major cities in the country have one. 

The basic idea is simple: property owners and businesses in a geographic area (in this case, downtown Saint Paul) all agree to pay money to sponsor a variety of projects and services designed to make downtown Saint Paul safer, cleaner, and more prosperous for businesses, residents, and visitors.

In 2021, the Downtown Improvement District plans to sponsor a “Downtown Fusion Center” as part of Mayor Carter’s community-first public safety plan. It will also provide services that the City of Saint Paul is not financially able or professionally staffed to provide, such as street sweeping and power washing, landscaping, and staffing the service area with “trained ambassadors,” according to their website.

This is good news for our city. We are hopeful that this helps contribute to the growth of downtown as a great place to be for business or leisure in our region.