Takeout food in sustainable to-go containers

‘Green To Go’ initiative could pause

January 2021 was the target date for Saint Paul restaurants to switch away from non-compostable and non-recyclable containers (including Styrofoam and black plastic), and begin using those that are compostable or recyclable.

Mayor Melvin Carter Jr. is now asking the city council to take a year-long pause to give restaurants more time to adopt the new policy. City council members are split on the ask, particularly during a time when restaurants are struggling, but have also ramped up take out.

Sustain Saint Paul was supportive of the ordinance when it was approved by the council in March 2019.

Take action

Reach out to your city council person and ask them to implement the Green to Go ordinance without delay with a message about why you support implementing the ordinance. It’s best to put your message in your own words, but here are some themes:

  • Don’t delay the Green to Go ordinance
  • The pandemic has made it tough, but takeout and delivery volume has increased significantly.
  • Plastic is forever and every day that we delay means more takeout materials will pollute the environment.
  • We really want to support local businesses, but we don’t want more plastic containers.