We revised our vision and mission

At the 2021 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 26, the Sustain Saint Paul Board of Directors publicly introduced the organization’s revised vision and mission.


Sustain Saint Paul champions abundant housing, low-carbon transportation, and sustainable land use in the City of Saint Paul through education, advocacy and political action, to ensure a more just and equitable city for all current and future residents.


Saint Paul is a welcoming and equitable city with walkable neighborhoods, housing for all, a growing tax base, a healthy environment, and shared prosperity.

The board decided to develop new vision and mission during the summer, after George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis police. We wanted to publicly affirm our commitment to advance equity and justice in Saint Paul, and agreed that revising these statements was an obvious first-step. 

We’re also pleased that the new mission succinctly articulates our specific focus areas:

  • abundant housing
  • low-carbon transportation
  • sustainable land use

It also spells out the tools we use to champion those issues:

  • education
  • advocacy
  • political action

A good mission statement should clarify what is within an organization’s scope, and what isn’t. We think it achieves that purpose. Likewise, we think the new vision statement is a concise but compelling snapshot of what Saint Paul can become as a result of our efforts.

In the coming weeks and months, the board will plan to publish more statements on particular issues, to clarify our positions on issues pertaining to our mission.

For example:

  • What exactly do we mean by “abundant housing?”
  • What actions will we take as an organization to advance equity and justice?

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