Tell City Council to rezone lots at Cleveland & Marshall to allow for 58 new homes

At the northwest corner of Cleveland & Marshall in the Merriam Park neighborhood, a developer proposes to replace a rental house and a duplex with a five-story mixed-use building. It would add 58 new homes to the neighborhood, at an intersection which will soon include a transit stop for the planned aBRT B-Line high-frequency bus route. Additionally, the building would provide ground-level commercial space to enhance a neighborhood commercial node.

Why it’s important

This is exactly the kind of housing that is envisioned for this intersection in Saint Paul’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan. However, the parcels of land at this intersection have not all been rezoned to the category of the zoning code that permits buildings of this proposed size and height. In order for this new housing to be built, the City Council must vote to rezone the land at this site from its current category (“Residential: Single-Family”) to a more flexible category (“Traditional Neighborhood”). 

How you can help

The City Council is scheduled to hold this vote on Wednesday afternoon, March 3. Sustain Saint Paul strongly supports the rezoning of these parcels so that this new housing can be built. But there are many in Saint Paul who oppose new housing like this, who are pushing the City Council to obstruct it. That’s why it’s important that you email your City Councilperson by noon on Wednesday, and urge them to allow this new housing to be built.