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Tell City Council to change the city’s definition of “family” in zoning code

The Saint Paul City Council will vote today on the proposed changes to the definition of “family” in the Saint Paul zoning code. Sustain Saint Paul strongly supports the proposed re-definition, and we urge you to contact your City Councilperson to voice your support, too!

Why it’s important

Since the 1970s, our zoning code has defined “family” as:

Family. One (1) or two (2) persons or parents, with their direct lineal descendants and adopted or legally cared for children (and including the domestic employees thereof) together with not more than two (2) persons not so related, living together in the whole or part of a dwelling comprising a single housekeeping unit. Every additional group of four (4) or fewer persons living in such housekeeping unit shall be considered a separate family for the purpose of this code.

The proposed new definition is simpler and inclusive of the many legitimate ways that Saint Paulites form families in the 21st century — and it will make it easier for legally unrelated people to reside together affordably in the neighborhoods they choose.

It reads:

Household.  Six (6) or fewer adults and minor children in their care, living together in a dwelling unit.

How you can help

Send an email to your City Councilperson by noon on Wednesday, March 3 to make sure it’s received and considered before the Council meets and votes on Wednesday afternoon.