HENS gathering signatures for rent stabilization

Over the last several years, some tenants in Saint Paul have experienced unsustainable rent increases. Tenant advocates are particularly concerned that these increases have had a disproportionate impact on people of color, exacerbating racial disparities in housing cost-burden and housing instability. Housing Equity Now Saint Paul (HENS) is reaching out across Saint Paul to gain support for a rent stabilization ordinance. 

“Rent stabilization is a policy that prevents price gouging and excessive spikes in housing costs by allowing landlords to only increase rent by a predictable, reasonable percentage each year. Our coalition is pushing for a maximum 3% increase in rent per year,” according to HENS.

Under Minnesota law, however, a city cannot simply authorize a rent stabilization ordinance. Rather, an ordinance can only be adopted if approved by a citywide ballot. To place its proposed ordinance on the November 2021 general election ballot, HENS needs to gather 4,932 signatures from registered voters in Saint Paul by mid-June.