group of advocates and elected officials pose after to go ordinance update passed at the saint paul city council in 2019.

Sustainable To Go ordinance update: volunteers wanted

In 2019, Saint Paul sustainability advocates cheered when the Sustainable To Go ordinance update passed. Even though the original ordinance was created 30 years ago, the city updated the ordinance for current business needs. The “new” implementation start date was scheduled for January 1, 2021. That gave the the city a generous amount of time to work with businesses, right? but because the pandemic severely impacted restaurants and other hospitality businesses, our Mayor and the Dept of Safety and Inspections (DSI) director decided to postpone restarting this ordinance.

As of September 2021, this ordinance is back on track! If this topic is new to you, check out the article series about this topic.

Recently, DSI Director Dan Niziolek reached out to Sustain Saint Paul:

The City is moving forward to implement the Sustainable To Go Food Packaging effort. We are strategizing ways to achieve some of the ideas raised by small food retailers. We are wondering if you would be interested in working on a stakeholder group to support a successful To Go Food Packaging effort. If interested, please let us know.

Dan Niziolek, September 17, 2021

Additional information:

  • Work Group – Business Strategies:
    • Purpose: Discuss and lead efforts to support businesses related to To Go Packaging effort.
    • Actions: Develop specific activities & programs that support business operations.
  • Work Group – Overall Effort Rollout:
    • Purpose: Develop communications, outreach and business support.
    • Actions: Develop a workplan and identify and develop specific actions.
  • Effort Rollout:
    • Purpose: Make sure all business owners/operators get direct outreach, education, and support.
    • Actions: Work with individual business owners/operators, conduct resource fairs.

Want to get involved?

The City is moving forward with Sustainable To Go Food Packaging efforts. We would like to invite you to a planning Meeting. Want to get involved? Fill out this Doodle poll.

Juwayria Abdulkadir, city of Saint Paul’s Right Track Plus Intern

Interested in getting involved? Fill out the Doodle poll and let the city know you want to help! By volunteering, it shows city of Saint Paul that we’re willing to get involved in the things we care about!