December General meeting: Festivus/Solstice celebration

Join us for a Solstice/Festivus Celebration: Sustain Saint Paul style!

On the agenda: 

  • Zero-Emission Bus Transition Plan Guest speaker: Dan Pfeiffer with Zan Associates.
    • Metro Transit  is working on the development of the Zero-Emission Bus Transition Plan and has hired Zan Associates for community outreach and engagement. The first Zero-Emission Bus Transition Plan will be submitted to the legislature by February 15, 2022, and will identify the short, medium, and long-term opportunities, risks, and implementation strategies to transition more of Metro Transit’s fleet to zero-emission technology. The plan is guided by technical viability, equity and environmental justice, and financial impact. The team is seeking the community’s help in prioritizing zero-emission bus implementation. Dan will provide a brief (10 minute) overview of this topic.
  • Sainted and Tainted
    • Let’s rant about what hasn’t been accomplished yet in Saint Paul
    • Let’s celebrate the successes over the past year!
  • Upcoming board elections: We’ll talk about upcoming board elections and how you can apply to serve on our board
  • Fun and prizes! 

Join the Zoom Meeting

  1. Meeting ID: 847 5714 2608
  2. Passcode: 330577