What will it take to make our future sustainable?  

Sustain Saint Paul advocates for community, fiscal and environmental sustainability in the City of Saint Paul.

The future of Saint Paul depends on expanding its housing availability, transit system and increasing its tax base.

A city needs people- it needs community. Those people need jobs and safe and effective ways of traveling from point A to point B around the city.

Sustain Saint Paul advocates for a community that emphasizes mixed commercial and residential land use with affordable housing options, has access to multiple modes of transportation, focuses on locally owned business, and implements sustainable forms of development and energy.

By advocating for projects like the current Ford Site plan, Riverview Corridor transit expansion, and Snelling South upzoning plan, we can take an active lead in a sustainable future for Saint Paul.

We’re converting ourselves over to Sustain Saint Paul right now so forgive us if there’s spots on here where we still use the SW3 name… We’re trying to branch out and involve all parts of the city- after all – the city is only as sustainable as all its neighborhoods and making our city as sustainable as possible is going to take everyone in it!