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Two Trees growing together

deeply rooted, you and I, on this small plot of earthsisters, I humbly claimbonded by oxygen and carbon, but moreyour offerings – leafy extravagance, haven for wild creatures, unfailing presencemine – blessings for a long, graceful sisterhood by Joan Pasiuk

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Roo Comedown

child dust wishes

these dusty dirt roadscan’t tarnishthe karma we envisioni write my missionin wishesthat light up, and take off and diminish by Ashley LeMay

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One day I put down my phone, turned off the TV, closed my computer, and went outside. I took a deep breath, started walking, and in five steps remembered how to live. by Rashelle Brown

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A Line Love

A Line Bus

I like to ride the A line. It’s pretty neat Connecting with my community When I got tired feet. by Kristina Mattson

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Our Front Yards


Fuzzy white-grey orbs Poised atop spindly rubber antennae Towering over washes of green Dabbed with sunshine Such like the star-glittered night sky And no less prolific Only fleeting with the wind And time. by Jennifer Stewart

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