Melissa Wenzel
  • Ward: 7
  • Neighborhood: Highwood Hills
  • Term expires: 2023

Melissa moved to Saint Paul in 2007, and bought her first home with her partner, David, and their cat Henry, in the Highwood Hills neighborhood, south of Battle Creek. Melissa enjoys volunteering for city, county and regional opportunities. She’s the outgoing board member for the Ramsey County Parks and Rec Commission (District 6), was previously a community council board member, and was recently appointed to the city’s new Climate Justice Advisory Board, representing Ward 7. 

Melissa bikes nearly everywhere and is a sustainable transit advocate for her neighbors and herself. She meets with elected officials and city & county staff to bring up issues of safe walking and biking in SE Saint Paul, particularly along McKnight and Lower Afton Roads. With her house having a “walk score” of 2, Melissa leads by example by walking and biking regularly around the area.

Melissa works for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and is the agency’s Built Environment Sustainability Administrator. She’s working on system-wide changes to the “built environment, especially with how we view and manage buildings and building materials. “Can they preserved/remodeled? Can we deconstruct some or all of the building? Can the building materials be recycled? Can we prevent them from going to landfills?” These are questions Melissa tackles every single day for the state of Minnesota. Her own home is 50 years old this year, and she and David are doing their best to make sure the home can another 50-100 years!

When she’s not biking or volunteering, she’s tending to one of her many native gardens she’s planted in the last 4 years, or can be found at Highwood Hills Elementary School, where she and a bunch of Boy Scouts planted a native garden off of Londin Lane. Knowing that many people who live in nearby apartment buildings walk to the gas station/grocery store to get food, she wanted to do something to enhance the neighborhood and bring joy to others.

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